Royal Birdy

Tail feathers of this swallow are crafted from Charles and Diana Royal Wedding plate – lush dark blue and gold. Combined with a touch of Spanish vintage china from Castille. #blueandgold #swallow #mosaic #handmade #cotswolds #vintagechina

Swift amongst the china

New china arrived this week – make the perfect wings for a Spring swallow #vintage china #mosaicbirds #phoenixfromtheashes #handmadeinthecotswolds #springtime #vintageroses

Weighing In

Medium swallow sitting on weighing scales. Trialling a new hanging system for birds – checking weights for Command Velcro . Will be using at Made By Hand Cheltenham.

Valentines LoveBirds

LoveBirds have flown to New Brewery Arts for Valentines Day. All these little birds incorporate an Emma Bridgewater Heart in their breast and are presented in a deluxe kraft cardboard lidded box.

Byzantine Birds

Inspired by the Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna, Italy.   Immersed in both ancient and contemporary Mosaic artworks for Mosaic Biennale 2017.  Many beautiful birds – 99 in this ceiling alone.