Studio Hound

The hound seems to love being under my work table while shards of China fly around. I definitely need to get her some safety goggles. (Doggles)

Summer of Swallows

Swallows shaping up for Fresh Air  Quenington Sculpture Show next month. Got this lovely plate in my latest box of vintage China. Very pretty blue for the birds.

Felted pots

These lovely felted pots were produced in yesterday’s Creativity and Wellbeing class at The Bothy. Delightfully tactile Process. #felt #craft #creativityandwellbeing

Glorious Colours

This beautiful vitreous glass and smalti Mosaic panel of Trees was made by a lovely Spanish student who came to work with me in my studio for two days. She took to Mosaics like a duck to water and made this stunning piece AND a beautifully executed heart with vintage China AND two Lovebirds! A new Mosaic Queen.