Alfred Meakin Bird


New batch of Christmas birds heading to New Brewery Arts. This bird made with a pretty Alfred Meakin china and pink rose. Nestling in a nest of shredded paper words.

A Ubiquity of Sparrows



Little brown bird from new batch, freshly grouted and flown to New Brewery Arts shop for Christmas. Found a beautiful book of collective nouns for birds – a Ubiquity of Sparrows – the collective noun for one of my favourite garden birds.

New Batch of Birds


Grouting a new batch of birds on their way to New Brewery Arts. It’s like an archaeological excavation digging mosaics out of grout!! Reminds me of digs with Oxfird Archaelogical Unit as a teenager…..


Raku Exposed

Preparing raku tiles for framing with Rachel Johnston’s etched copper tiles. Love the rich copper lustre on this A4 sized tile contrasted with burned matte black. Reminds me of an archaeological find or a remnant from a derelict house.