A Batch of Birds

Preparing layout for making collaborative mosaic branch and birds in my Mosaics and Wellbeing session for Artshape and NHS this week. 15 individual birds made by participants will be sited on the branch as a permanent artwork – location to be decided at Cheltenham Hospital.


Creativity Taster Workshops November


Preparations afoot for the two Creativity and Wellbeing Taster Workshops at The Bothy in November on Saturday 5th and Wednesday 23rd.  Can’t believe it’s end of October already!! The bright colours of the Merino fleeces we will be working with will cheer up the dark November days!

Create Your Own Wellbeing in 2017


Delighted to announce that the Creativity and Wellbeing course will run again at The Bothy in January 2017. We are currently planning exciting activities including mixed media collage and colourful felt jewellery making to beat the winter blues and get busy in The Bothy.



Tried out paper weaving technique with pink and yellow marbled paper – this woven bird looks like the Mini Battenberg cakes we used to eat in the 1970s. A Battenbird!!


Putting finishing touches to Birds With Words for delivery to New Brewery Arts this week. Incorporated last of my ‘Orange Tree’ china into this bird’s collar along with new black and white Copeland china. img_6414

Raku Magic

Fired my new raku kiln yesterday. Thanks to ‘Raku Rob’ who made and delivered it – the kiln is super straightforward to operate. Nice results including this little copper beauty. The jewel of the firing. Find it fascinating that the same glaze can be copper or green depending on oxygen. Everything reeking of sawdust smoke but very happy!img_6333

Sundried Terracotta

img_6209Lovely morning at The Bothy spent making terracotta clay leaf dishes and tiles as the sun streamed in. Today we have reached the half way mark of our Creativity and Wellbeing Course.

Queen Anne’s Lace


Getting quite obsessed with the cow parsley – or Queen Anne’s Lace – which is much more fitting name for such beauty. Each minute flower is like a star. Now my new kiln has arrived today, my collection of flora is ready for pressing into my tiles this week.